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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Travelofare.com does not act as the principal, but instead enters into arrangements with third-party vendors such as, but not limited to, airlines, tour guides, retailers, and suppliers.

By using this Site, you accept that the rates charged by Travelofare.com and related firms are the result of agreements between Travelofare.com and Travel Suppliers, and may include payments for supplies, taxes, and other charges. When you book with any Travel Supplier on this Site, you authorize Travelofare.com and partner companies to make reservations or enter into contracts with Travel Suppliers on your behalf for the total price shown, including such fees and any applications.

Travelofare.com is not liable for any errors or omissions on the Site, or for the negligence of Travel Suppliers from which you obtain services via this Site, including but not limited to airlines, tour operators, suppliers, and consolidators. If the provider fails to provide the service to you after you have paid for it, the only demand for compensation shall be against the defaulting supplier or another liable third party, unless any damage was incurred solely by Travelofare.com. If the supplier fails due to the supply of supplies, you will have recourse against the supplier for a reimbursement, if allowed by statute.

Except as clearly stated above, Travelofare.com assumes no responsibility for any operation concerning travel facilities that is not under the control of Travelofare.com or its employees. Travelofare.com shall not be liable or responsible for any act, mistake, omission, harm, loss, accident, disruption, failure, non-performance, irregularity, or any effect thereof caused by any Travel Supplier's negligence, default, or any other act or inaction. Travelofare.com is not responsible for any price fluctuation, schedule adjustment, facilities or lodging for any travel service that happens after booking and paying for such service.

Travelofare.com is not liable for any cancellation, overbooking, delay, rerouting, strike, weather, or government incident affecting your travel booking with us. Travelofare.com is not liable for any representation of travel products and services made available by any provider of travel products and services, including but not limited to photographs, listed facilities, ratings, and discounts.

A contract must be entered into between you and the Travel Provider when you book with us, and additional terms and conditions which apply to your booking and purchase of travel-related goods and services. Please carefully read the additional Terms & Conditions provided by the Supplier.

You hereby agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Purchase imposed by any Travel Supplier with which you wish to do business, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts owed, compliance with the Travel Supplier's legislation, and limitations on the availability and use of fares, merchandise, or services. Any Travel Supplier may require a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover any additional costs incurred as a result of the use of the booked products or services. This deposit is separate from any payment received by Travelofare.com for the reservation of your airline fare. You recognize that any violation of the Travel Supplier's rules and restrictions which result in the cancellation of your reservation(s), denial of access to the respective Service Element or facilities, revocation of any amount charged for such reservation(s), and/or debiting of your account for any costs incurred as a result of such violation.


Travelofare.com is committed to customer satisfaction, so whether you have a complaint or a dispute, we will do our utmost to fix it. You agree to encourage us to answer any concerns or accusations about the Website, any dealings with our Customer Care Agents, any services or products available, any commitments provided by us, or our Privacy Policies ('Claims') by contacting Customer Help.

Prohibited Activities

1. Use Travelofare.com or its contents for commercial purposes;

2. making some speculative, deceptive, or fraudulent reservation or reservation in advance of a request;

3. Without our express written permission, access, log, or copy any material or information about Travelofare.com using any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means or any manual method;

4. Violates the restrictions in some Robot Exclusion Headers on Travelofare.com, or bypasses or circumvents some steps used to obstruct or restrict access to Travelofare.com;

5. Taking any measure that, in our view, imposes or has the potential to place an unnecessary or undue pressure on our facilities.

6. Without our express written permission, deep-link to every part of the Travelofare.com (including, without limitation, the purchasing route for any travel service).

7. without our prior written permission, you cannot "frame," "mirror," or otherwise apply any part of the Travelofare.com on some other domain.

If we suspect fraud, coercion, or suspicious behavior in your booking or account, we can cancel any travel or service bookings associated with your name, email address, or account. We may even verify (i.e. pre-authorize) your credit card. If you indulge in any criminal activity, Travelofare.com claims the right to take the requisite court action, and you will be eligible for punitive damages. If you partake in any criminal activity, Travelofare.com reserves the right to take the necessary court action, and you will be liable for punitive damages to Travelofare.com, including civil costs and fines.